The Kurta Lady turns 3

The Kurta Lady turns 3


It was July of 2004 that a very uncertain and young me landed in the USA.  As a first generation Desi, it was a difficult time on many accounts. The struggles were real. 


Those were days of no social media and the internet culture was fairly new. I had zero fashion sense thanks to the lack of exposure and pretty much bought anything labelled ‘Clearance’ ! 


To look back on my journey and to believe I have come this far surprises me many times. Now that I have my own label and I proudly design and show case latest Indian wear for women here in the USA, makes me beam.


From worrying about making ends meet, to having to do two jobs for a few years while studying and then to raising kids, changing professions twice, landing up in my dream job and then to finally being an Entrepreneur …my journey has nothing been short of exciting. 


The Kurta Lady turned 3 years recently, to me it feels like we have just begun. 


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