Why the Kurta Lady

Why the Kurta Lady

They say there is a story behind every journey....mine is no different. My story started two years ago. I had moved to a new city and like any newbie began exploring my new town. I made new friends and started settling in my new home. I was toying with the idea of finding a new job or starting something on my own.

One day I was invited for a Diwali Party in the neighborhood. I was beyond excited, this was my first social gathering in the new town and i had to wear something festive and something different.

And I had to go shopping !!! i thought to myself, how hard would it to be to find the right outfit...after all i was in New Jersey and there had to be a store that i would love. After several hours, a lunch, and two coffees, i was thinking otherwise. Believe it or not, what i liked was too pricey (i mean overpriced ) and what was in my budget was too gaudy or unwearable (if there is a word like that) and outdated !

After an unsuccessful day I called home (India) and put my sister in law and my brother to work immediately.  They went shopping and bought me some of the latest styles and colors and shipped my outfits to reach me on time for the Diwali Party. They paid less buying and shipping these clothes then what i would have paid for one outfit alone. 

Needless to say my outfits became the talk of the Diwali parties and thats where my business idea was born. It was a thought that grew to this beautiful dream. I wanted to get the latest in style Indian Kurtas from the heart of India and sell it here at affordable prices.

I am a budget conscious shopper and i know how hard we work to make a living. I wanted to give my customers the best bang for their buck without pinching their wallets. 

My first collection was received with overwhelming response. I started this from my home and converted a small portion of my home into a studio. Women loved the fabric, colors and style i brought and even better loved the pricing. 

Today i am able to go online and take this to many more women because i believe that every woman should be able to access affordable fashion. 

Going forward my vision is to make this a one stop shop for women. You will be able to shop an entire look curated by me at prices unheard and never seen before. So stay tuned, this journey is only going to get more colorful and exciting.


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